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For over 25 years we have provided an excellent service to homeowners. From the first phone conversation through the final touchups on a job we are there to provide the best service. Through trust and respect we have gained many valuable relationships with our clients.

What We Do

All Seasons Builders is a residential home improvement company. We stride to be the best at what we do. Our specialties in home improvements are room additions, kitchens and bathrooms. Owner satisfaction is our number one priority on any job. We listen to what you want and then provide the service.

Your Home as a Whole

It is important to know how your home works together as a whole. You live in your home every day and everything must function as a system. As a home owner you want your home to be convenient, simple, and fun to run, for example; a nicely functioning kitchen that you can be productive making dinner or snacks, a mud room with plenty of shelving for kids to throw their shoes and backpacks, a bathroom designed to accommodate more than one at a time, a laundry room with room for incoming and outgoing clothing, an open living room and kitchen space for entertaining or family movie night. We understand that how your home functions is important to you and we listen, so we build you the best space to fit within your needs and budget. There is more to your home as a whole than can be seen on the surface. Within your home is an integration of mechanicals systems that make your home what it is, for example; plumbing, communications, electrical, and HVAC. We must consider engineering, a home is typically built using lumber, steel and concrete. These items must also work together as a system. It is very important to understand how all this comes together as a whole and how everything must complement each other to provide the best your home can offer, and we get it.

The Homeowner

Building a house or a remodeling project can be very fun and stressful all at the same time. We work with you in a way that is most convenient for you. It all starts with communication, whether it’s a big or small job we are there to explain what the steps to be taken are and to listen to what you have to say. When we enter a home we treat it as if it were our own, we keep thing neat and clean and at the end of a job we like to make areas around the project neater than when we started. We work around your daily schedule, if your morning routine ends at 8:15 then we can start at 8:30.

The Environment In and Out

One big benefit of building energy efficient homes is their impact on the environment. Requiring less energy to heat and cool and using the best heating and cooling equipment produces less emissions. The interior environment is also important. Our homes are built and designed to minimize air infiltration with air tight building practices. This means less pollution from outside like; pollen, pesticides, moisture, and pests are let into your home. The amount of fresh air let into your home is controlled and filtered by a ventilation system.

Design and Budget

We can work with you or with your architect on the design of your home or your remodel. At the beginning of the design it is important to establish a budget. Many times, homeowners will hire an architect to design their project, only to find out later that what was designed was out of their budget. This not only wastes time and money, it can leave the owner disappointed. We can work with you and your architect on design and budget from the very beginning, often times avoiding having to go back and redesign because the project is over budget. On remodel projects we offer design/build services, we take your ideas and turn them into reality. We consider every option during design and discuss what will likely be the best alternative for you based on your wants and budget. We consider thing like structural elements of the house, location of utilities, aesthetics, lighting, and many other options.

About the Builder

All Seasons Builders, Inc. is owned and operated by Michael Strehle (Mike). Mike’s passion for construction started at a young age, building wood projects with his grandpa’s in their basement workshops and observing projects unfold in his home and neighborhood. He knew from the very beginning what he wanted to do for a career. Mike began working in residential construction at age 15 as a laborer, quickly moving to lead carpenter. In high school he would show up to the job site after school and work till dark long after the rest of the crew went home. After high school Mike began pursuing his dreams of owning his own construction company. Graduating at the top of his class with an AAS degree in Construction Management and an AAB degree in Small Business Management Technology. During college Mike worked at his construction job and did remodeling projects to get his business started. After graduation Mike started working full time for himself, mostly remodeling projects and a few spec homes at the beginning, slowly growing into larger scale projects. Today Mike is still the owner/operator of All Seasons Builders, Inc. and has a large repeat customer base with new jobs consistently coming in.

Energy Efficiency and Green Building

Mike has a deep passion for energy efficiency and Green Building and understands how these types of homes are different than conventional homes, the different elements of a home work together to achieve the end result of super energy efficient. Mike is continually gaining education on building energy efficiently and green practices. His passion began at a young age with recycling, he liked how thing were reused or repurposed and not just thrown into a landfill. Mike studied energy efficient building in college and became committed to this type of construction and continual education on the subject. On and off the job he is always brainstorming ideas on how to build a better efficient home and implementing new ideas.

Wakeman, OH All Seasons Builders, Inc. Remodeling Contractor

Family Man/Firefighter

Mike has three children and a wife. He enjoys spending time with family, whether it’s family movie night or a fun family activity like canoeing. Commitment to community. Mike earned certificates for VFF (Volunteer Fire Fighter) and EMR (Emergency Medical Responder). He volunteers his time at the local fire station as a fireman/medical responder.

Wakeman, OH All Seasons Builders, Inc. Remodeling Contractor

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