Mike remodeled our 30 year-old master bathroom in 2016. This was a very large room with a platform tub (dangerous), vaulted ceiling (terrible lighting), and an average size shower with outdated tile (maintenance nightmare). I knew the room had tremendous potential, so I began sketching ideas, clipping magazine pictures, and sharing them with Mike.
Before long, we had the plan.

I’ve read the other reviews about Mike and All Seasons Builders and I agree 100% with the positive comments, therefore I will not repeat, but add some new ones!

A master bath remodel involves some major inconveniences. Our closets (not part of the project) were still totally in use and in the same space. Mike was meticulous about sealing them off so they were kept clean and accessible. In fact, he was very conscientious about keeping all areas of the house he had to access during the project, clean and protected.

Mike’s courteous and friendly nature made him very easy to talk to and work with. He arrived each day, right on time. We always knew we had until that time to be in the space without disruption. This made the whole project feel predictable and comfortable.

Our new master bath is now functional, easy to clean, and truly a work of art (see pics). We are so happy every day!