My husband and I were very pleased with not only the outcome of our beautiful new home but the process. There are a lot of decisions to be made and of course they can be costly but Mike was very patient throughout the entire planning and building process. He provided valuable expertise and had a very good relationship with the architect which allowed for a seamless understanding of what we were looking for. Mike was involved in every part of the construction, very hands on, did not just send someone out with vague instructions. He is a perfectionist in the best way. The individuals we hired to put kitchen/bathroom cabinets and countertops both commented on how square and accurate building was. The major holdups had to do with me (homeowner) making final flooring choices etc. Throughout the entire process Mike was very patient… Subcontractors were good people with a lot of experience and clear instructions. There were a few adjustments to original layout along the way and Mike just went with the flow… very patient and the results were great! We would whole heartedly recommend Mike for any project.