We were looking to build an highly energy efficient house, that would blend in, within a community development of traditional, upscale houses in the Akron/Medina corridor. Because of the dirth of available house plans that met our need we engaged one of the very few experienced residential architects we could find in northeast Ohio, Joe Ferut. We believe we’ve achieved success through the team of Mike Strehle and Joe.

The construction materials and experience used in the build coupled with the knowledge and techniques surrounding housing energy efficiency were mission critical. Mike was the only builder who fully understood our needs and had a long history of successful energy efficiency projects.  From start to finish this team’s hands-on approach guaranteed success for our goal.

Key to this custom process is owner involvement, clarity of vision and expectations and the builder’s skill at surrounding himself with deeply experienced subcontractors. Both Mike and Joe are very good at what these things, good for their word, always reasonable, always supportive and quick to share any concerns or thoughts regarding improvements or changes they see as relevant. Due to the Joe/Mike team our construction project has had a very good outcome.