This might be long winded, but in the past depending on what I was looking for, the reviews did not have as much info as I had hoped for. So I want to include things I would liked to have known. I am pretty “hands on” when it comes to working on my house. But for jobs that I don’t want to do, or know how to do, along with the ones my wife does not want to wait for me to get to, I need a little help. All Seasons Builders gets the job done when I can’t, or just don’t want to! I have known Mike at All Seasons Builders for quite a few years now. He has been in this line of work for over 20 years and he knows what he is doing. So far they have converted a half bath into a full bath, installed a large egress window in our basement that has poured concrete walls which also involved removing part of the concrete patio and rerouted HVAC duct in our basement for a bedroom addition. I also asked them to look into a water leak (when it rained) I had in the house which he tracked down to the siding being installed incorrectly years ago. The previous owners actually removed the entire deck because they thought it was from where it secured to the house. All Seasons Builders removed the siding, corrected the damage from years of water running behind it and reinstalled. Side note: My father-in-law was a cabinet maker who retired last year. He was at the house one day when Mike was, and was watching him work. He is a hard guy to impress, I would know, but even he was impressed by the work ethic and workmanship shown by Mike! Very honest and trustworthy! We could not always be home when we needed work done so we would either leave the door unlocked or leave them a key. They always cleaned up after the work was completed and we could not even tell they had been there. I myself was in the military and worked on aircraft. That makes you pay attention to the details. So I have come to be a little picky over the years about others working on my stuff. If I had to sum up the work of All Seasons Builders in one word, it would be “Outstanding!”. I will be calling them again. When I have found a contractor like this, I have no reason to look elsewhere.